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Incorrectly installed tires can cause an accident, so when they are replaced it is necessary to follow the rules. 

Car manufacturers recommend changing old tires, provided that the new tires: the same speed characteristics and load parameters; superior indices and parameters. If there are tires with different speed characteristics on one car, then this can adversely affect handling. Do not use tires with different speed index for the same axle. In particular, it is important to use identical in size and design tires on all-wheel drive cars with four driving wheels, unless the manufacturer allows otherwise. 

Ideally, all four tires should be changed at the same time. When replacing 1-3 old tires, remember that tires of all size, design, speed, and widow of a tread pattern should be placed on the same axle. If you plan to install only 2 new tires, put them on the rear axle. 

We perform such a procedure as installing a tire on a disk on specialized equipment, using which, it becomes possible to detect other damage to a tire or disk.