Services » Autoconditioning repair

Repair of car air conditioners, as well as their service, is one of the activities of our service station.

We offer services such as:

  • air conditioning system diagnostics;
  • replacement of faulty units;
  • repair of highways;
  • flushing the air conditioning system;
  • filling in car air conditioners;
  • disinfection of autoconditioners.

You need to know that even with a slight depressurization freon quite easily evaporates. Therefore, first of all, in our service station diagnostics autoconditioner. This checks the tightness of the entire system. The main malfunctions that may appear in the autoconditioner include insufficient compression, poor cooling, debris entering the system, malfunction of the thermostat, evaporator contamination, sensor failure, and much more.

Quite often, car owners turn to our service station, as they need to repair the car air conditioner. Today offers a wide range of service stations that provide such services. Proper diagnosis will determine the cause of the problem and choose how to solve it. Perhaps you just need refilling autoconditioner. Kiev allows you to easily find a high-quality car service, where refueling of this unit will be made as soon as possible. However, you must understand that only in our service station you can get confidence in the quality of the work carried out. It is worth noting that we will not only add the required amount of freon into the system, but also find the cause of its leakage.