Services » Brakes and brake system

Their effectiveness depends on the state of the braking system, which directly affects the safety of all road users. To be confident in the brake system of your car, you must change the brake pads and discs in time, as well as replace the brake fluid every two years. During car diagnostics at a service station, Kiev, our experts will check the state of wear of the pads and discs, as well as measure the density of brake fluid. Then you will know if your car needs to replace any parts of the brake system.


  • Bleeding brake system
  • Brake hose replacement
  • Brake tube replacement
  • Brake fluid replacement
  • Brake pad replacement
  • Replacing brake discs
  • Hand brake adjustment
  • Replacement of a cable of a manual brake
  • Caliper replacement
  • Replacing main brake cylinder
  • Vacuum brake booster replacement
  • Caliper repair