Services » Car Tuning

  • Car painting

We carry out paint work of any complexity. Painting "under the device" factory shagreen - feasible. The best paints and varnishes, the perfect selection of color, professional approach.

  • Car polishing

Restorative polishing paintwork. Individual approach to each car. Careful work with varnish, maximum preservation of the factory layer. Professional protective coatings.

  • Plastic repair

Repair and restoration of plastic parts of the car. Cracked bumper is dear to you as a memory? Let's make it almost like new! The same applies to any plastic elements of the interior and exterior - we will do as best we can.

  • Auto leveling

High-quality alignment of parts, compliance with the geometry of the body. Maximum approximation to optimal values, without prejudice to technical and visual characteristics. In the process of straightening striving for the ideal.

  • Noise insulation

Full noise and vibration isolation of your car. Not satisfied with factory insulation? In our conditions it may not be enough.

  • Repair and painting drives

Roads are unpredictable. Fly into the pit, bend the disc on the curb - even the best driver from this, alas, is not insured. Each case is considered separately - if we can, then we will help. Or we will pick up new ones!