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Fuel system troubleshooting and troubleshooting

Malfunctions of the fuel system clearly affect the engine and the car as a whole. If you notice that the fuel consumption has increased, but the engine power has gone down, the acceleration dynamics has slowed down, the car does not start up properly in the morning or stops suddenly - it is time to do a diagnosis of the fuel system.

We carry out computer and mechanical diagnostics of the components and components of the fuel supply system of the car. After the diagnostics, you will receive a diagnostic card and, if faults are found, consult our master.

We offer:

  • Replacing the fuel filter (gasoline)
  • Replacement of the fuel filter (diesel)
  • Replacing the fuel filter in the tank
  • Replacing the fine filter
  • Fuel system diagnostics
  • Replacing the fuel pump in the tank
  • Replacing the outboard fuel pump
  • Fuel system pressure measurement
  • Replacing the pump
  • Nozzle replacement
  • Nozzle cleaning
  • Throttle Cleaning
  • Lambda probe replacement


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