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Well coordinated work of all systems and parts of the car ensures the safety of movement.
Steering is a group of mechanisms that allows the driver to steer the car in the desired direction. His task is to transfer and increase the driving force from the driver to the wheels.
What is car steering?
It is important that the car was obedient on the road: instantly and flawlessly responded to the turn of the steering wheel, confidently kept the road.
For accurate and fast turn of the car are responsible for two main groups of nodes:
Steering rack. It can be mechanical, with hydraulic or electrically operated. The electric power may be located on the rail itself or in the steering column;
Steering gear.
These parts are connected to the shaft, which goes to the steering wheel.
The elementary principle of the steering is as follows: when the steering wheel rotates through the shaft, the steering mechanisms make the wheels turn.

If you have problems with steering, then we are happy to offer the following service for auto repair service:

Diagnostics steering rack
Diagnostics of the power steering pump
Diagnostics steering gear
Diagnostics steering column
Tie Rod Diagnostics