Services » Transmission and Clutch

Our car service carries out diagnostics and replacement of the gearbox of your car, as well as repair of the clutch and drive shafts. Modern European equipment and tools allow you to perform this process with high quality. In addition,  we make a complete repair and replacement of the clutch, which at the first signs of a malfunction helps prevent unwanted results.

Replacing backstage gearshift

On the car, the link is part of the gearbox mechanism into which the shift lever is inserted. In the case when two programs suddenly turn on at the same time on your car, the included gear spontaneously knocks out or the gears simply switch badly, you will need to repair or replace the scenes.

Replacing the stuffing box gearbox, transfer case 

The functional purpose of the glands is to ensure the tightness between the rotating and stationary parts of the components and assemblies of the car. As soon as you find the leakage of oil or other process fluid in any part of your car, it means that the gland needs to be replaced. Our car service and qualified specialists will qualitatively and quickly replace the stuffing box with cars of any model and brand. Timely replacement of the gland will help to avoid more serious damage and costly repair of the entire unit or assembly of your car. 

Cardan replacement (cardan shaft)  

Cardan replacement is carried out only in cases where this unit is not subject to balancing and repair. In order to find out whether the replacement of the propeller shaft or its elements is necessary for your car, it should be driven away to the car service center and diagnose the unit, where it will determine if there are cracks, dents or chips in it. In the event of significant damage, the propeller shaft must be replaced.